Thanks Google Translator!

One of our mice died yesterday.

Luckily it was not the live kind that you love and pet but do not gnaw but instead the media PC's mouse.
And thus began the hunt for The Replacement Mouse!
To eBay I henced, for there I knew I would find a cheaply made under-priced replacement for the stock Dell that had passed away.

And here is what I found:

Super Awesome Mouse 5000 version!
"It is more convenient than the the wire mouse. Because it throws off the curb of the range. As we known, the traditional optical mousse just has the 800DPI and the wireless mousse is 800DPI. What's more, they are not convenient and slow to use. Meanwhile, if that the computer does not have the mouse is a revolution, the scroll wheel of the mouse is a progress of human. So the optical mouse developed from 800DPI to 2400DPI is a great success. The 2.4G mouse will give you a more comfortable, convenient and exact effect. Would you like skiing? When you use it, you will feel the high speed. If you buy it, you will enjoy it."

I just have to say that I love you Google Translator for giving me a good laugh in my darkest hour. Thank you.

Such a bad day

I guess I tempted some sort of karma god when I made that post about my fun weekend because yesterday was the worst day ever. Well not really, but it was bad.

The day started off with my hair looking like this.
I made the mistake of showering just before bed and had no time for another in the morning. So assume that everything else that happens after this is done with me looking like a super saiyan mad scientist.

It then went on to me catching the wrong train that didn't stop at my station so I had to ride my bike an extra 5km to get to uni. Not a huge distance but it had a cascading effect.

I also left an assignment on the train that was supposed to be handed in at 11am. I arrived at school at 10.45am and had to print off the assignment again. So I did, but by the time it was finished it was 11.15 (because there was a wait for library computers and typeface issues [i.e not installed]). So I lost 10% because the tutor felt like doing the right thing instead of the cool thing.

When I got back to my suburb I went to the shops to see if my phone had arrived yet since I ordered it a month ago and they said "4 weeks till it arrives". Turns out that Virgin Mobile has had an issue with shipments and it is going to be another 2 weeks till it comes.

When I got home nothing much happened. That is the end of the story. Terrible day huh?
But wait, there is more. If you buy now with a credit card I will throw in free steak knives!

I needed a drink because I was thirsty (crazy huh?). So I smashed two glasses while pulling them from the cupboard. I was wearing no shoes so I got glass all in them. What a day.

My girlfriend had tried to make hard boiled eggs while I was out but had undercooked them and they were still soft in the middle. So being resourceful I decided to cook them for a minute in the microwave.

Not a good idea.

The explosion was loud enough that from the bedroom we thought someone had either dropped a CRT TV off their balcony, there was a car crash or there were firecrackers somewhere. It had enough force to blow the door open to where you see it now. There was egg everywhere.

So I cleaned that up then we watched a movie. To cover up the smell of burned eggs we lit a few candles.
We have had these for a couple of years and they had only burned down to about half so we figured that there would be a couple of years left in them. Totally ok to leave burning for about half an hour right?

Wrong all over the carpet.
The worst part is that the owner is trying to sell this apartment so we have open houses every weekend.

Luckily my girlfriends mother is a cleaning ninja and told us what to do.
The tactic is to pick off as much as you can while it is still a bit warm then use a hair dryer and a piece of paper towel to soak it up. You put the paper towel down then heat it with the hair dryer and the wax just gets absorbed right out of the carpet.
About half-way through the drying process.

And when we were finished.
You can't even see it even if you know where it was. We were lucky it was a white candle, colour makes a big problem.

So that was my day, not the worst day in history but there was a lot of stuff that went wrong. At least there was a silver lining I guess. But it was a self-made silver lining so I don't think it really counts.


Check out this Flickr set I made the other day. I have been taking photos of random faces I see in the wild over the last couple of years. Mostly on my phone but some of them don't look as bad.

Urban Faces

Here are a couple of them to entice you to go there. I would post all of them but there are far too many.

So so sad

Sad Face


Waterfall face monster dude thing


To me this looks like some kind of cute ghost thing. What about you?


What animal do you see?

Anyway, there are a few of them, go ahead and check out the Flickr photostream if you want. If not, then not.

What a great weekend

Hey people, I just had a great couple of days.

Saturday: I smoked some weed with an old friend, made some home-style silk screened t-shirts, watched an awesome movie and a great ski film: Everyday is a Saturday, Poor Boyz [If you were interested]

Or click here for the Vimeo HD version

Sunday: Woke up early and went to a charity walk thing that my girlfriend was in. It was run by Alzheimer's Australia and was raising funds for Dementia research. The t-shirts we made were for our team, they looked awesome.


When we got back we had a shower then a nap then I went for a bike ride, checked out the local library for the first time and handed in some resumes. It looks hopeful, one of the local Game stores liked me and should call back. It is such a cool place. They have all the old game systems, tons of sick posters and the people who work there are really chilled out. The manager was playing the original mario on the NES when I walked in and I shouted some encouragement. Good times.

I'm uploading some sweet photos to Flickr right now. I will make another post soon and stuff like that.
Damn, I just remembered that I reached the upload limit for the month with them. Looks like it will have to be Photobucket, there is no way I will pay for Pro. Maybe if I get the aforementioned job but then again maybe not.
I have some sketches that I want to show you guys and I may talk about my plans for the summer. I have some cool stuff that I want to do and hopefully if I write about it and people know then I will actually do them. I have been telling everyone I know about my plans so that I will feel like a dork if I don't get them done.

I have decided that I am going to try and treat my life like I would a design project. I have the terrible problem of being really good at procrastinating. I may actually have an Interwebs addiction. To make matters worse I have recently discovered IRC. Funny story actually; I found 420chan and was enjoying it greatly for about a week or two when I accidentally crossed an invisible line I hadn't realised was there. Long story short, I was banned for asking dumb questions. To appeal the ban I had to go to #420chan on IRC. Being a newb, I had no idea how to do that. I tried with Adium but it needed the beta and it was just too annoying to use. Shortly afterwards I installed Colloquy which is pretty good.
Anyway, the person who banned me turned out to be chill and the rest of the #420chan people were cool too. I was unbanned and since then I have been IRCing it up. Just the other day one of the people gave me the recipe for Jambalaya which was tasty as hell. I cooked it for my lady because she has been wanting to try it ever since we saw the scrubs episode where JD talks about it with Kelso.
Here it is below if you are interested:

Well this was meant to be a quick post just to hold place and remind me what to talk about later. I guess it got a bit longer than that. More fun in a couple of hours once I finish this Magazine Layout for Typography. If you are good little blog readers then I will show it to you when I am done. (Just kidding, I'll show it to you anyway because I love you)

Messing around

Ok well I am messing around with the CSS and Html of the page, sorry if it looks a little funky at any point.
Hopefully it will look nicer once I am done fooling around.

Ok we are done. Still doesn't look amazing. Oh well, it will do.
Should I put some sort of image in the background? It seems to be a little dark and depressing at the moment. Going to have to think on this

Well it's a start

So I guess this is a beginning.
I'll post stuff that is a little more interesting later, I just wanted to get something up here to commemorate the occasion.
In return, a kitty inspecting some herbs: