Such a bad day

I guess I tempted some sort of karma god when I made that post about my fun weekend because yesterday was the worst day ever. Well not really, but it was bad.

The day started off with my hair looking like this.
I made the mistake of showering just before bed and had no time for another in the morning. So assume that everything else that happens after this is done with me looking like a super saiyan mad scientist.

It then went on to me catching the wrong train that didn't stop at my station so I had to ride my bike an extra 5km to get to uni. Not a huge distance but it had a cascading effect.

I also left an assignment on the train that was supposed to be handed in at 11am. I arrived at school at 10.45am and had to print off the assignment again. So I did, but by the time it was finished it was 11.15 (because there was a wait for library computers and typeface issues [i.e not installed]). So I lost 10% because the tutor felt like doing the right thing instead of the cool thing.

When I got back to my suburb I went to the shops to see if my phone had arrived yet since I ordered it a month ago and they said "4 weeks till it arrives". Turns out that Virgin Mobile has had an issue with shipments and it is going to be another 2 weeks till it comes.

When I got home nothing much happened. That is the end of the story. Terrible day huh?
But wait, there is more. If you buy now with a credit card I will throw in free steak knives!

I needed a drink because I was thirsty (crazy huh?). So I smashed two glasses while pulling them from the cupboard. I was wearing no shoes so I got glass all in them. What a day.

My girlfriend had tried to make hard boiled eggs while I was out but had undercooked them and they were still soft in the middle. So being resourceful I decided to cook them for a minute in the microwave.

Not a good idea.

The explosion was loud enough that from the bedroom we thought someone had either dropped a CRT TV off their balcony, there was a car crash or there were firecrackers somewhere. It had enough force to blow the door open to where you see it now. There was egg everywhere.

So I cleaned that up then we watched a movie. To cover up the smell of burned eggs we lit a few candles.
We have had these for a couple of years and they had only burned down to about half so we figured that there would be a couple of years left in them. Totally ok to leave burning for about half an hour right?

Wrong all over the carpet.
The worst part is that the owner is trying to sell this apartment so we have open houses every weekend.

Luckily my girlfriends mother is a cleaning ninja and told us what to do.
The tactic is to pick off as much as you can while it is still a bit warm then use a hair dryer and a piece of paper towel to soak it up. You put the paper towel down then heat it with the hair dryer and the wax just gets absorbed right out of the carpet.
About half-way through the drying process.

And when we were finished.
You can't even see it even if you know where it was. We were lucky it was a white candle, colour makes a big problem.

So that was my day, not the worst day in history but there was a lot of stuff that went wrong. At least there was a silver lining I guess. But it was a self-made silver lining so I don't think it really counts.

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thecatzpajamas Says:

wow. that all happened in 1 day? thats crzy dudee

Jacob Says:

Ouch, talk about an eventful day. You're wrong about one thing though, you shouldn't complain about looking like a mad saiyan scientist!

It's kind of impressive how one bad thing just seems to be followed by countless others. I can't count the amount of times I've though "well, at least it can't get worse" when my bike has started falling apart, only to be proven wrong during the remainder of the day...

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