Thanks Google Translator!

One of our mice died yesterday.

Luckily it was not the live kind that you love and pet but do not gnaw but instead the media PC's mouse.
And thus began the hunt for The Replacement Mouse!
To eBay I henced, for there I knew I would find a cheaply made under-priced replacement for the stock Dell that had passed away.

And here is what I found:

Super Awesome Mouse 5000 version!
"It is more convenient than the the wire mouse. Because it throws off the curb of the range. As we known, the traditional optical mousse just has the 800DPI and the wireless mousse is 800DPI. What's more, they are not convenient and slow to use. Meanwhile, if that the computer does not have the mouse is a revolution, the scroll wheel of the mouse is a progress of human. So the optical mouse developed from 800DPI to 2400DPI is a great success. The 2.4G mouse will give you a more comfortable, convenient and exact effect. Would you like skiing? When you use it, you will feel the high speed. If you buy it, you will enjoy it."

I just have to say that I love you Google Translator for giving me a good laugh in my darkest hour. Thank you.

5 Response to "Thanks Google Translator!"

Totalitarian Says:

Still needs refill. I'll keep my cable one, thank you very much.

Dante N. Says:

You missed the point somewhat. The lols go on.

MoneyNaoPlz Says:

google translator comes up with some shit...

justinb7714 Says:

nice mouse you got there... I hate my wireless mouse D; batteries die too fast

nubilus Says:

my microsoft wireless mouse runs on 1 aa and it lasts forever

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