What a great weekend

Hey people, I just had a great couple of days.

Saturday: I smoked some weed with an old friend, made some home-style silk screened t-shirts, watched an awesome movie and a great ski film: Everyday is a Saturday, Poor Boyz [If you were interested]

Or click here for the Vimeo HD version

Sunday: Woke up early and went to a charity walk thing that my girlfriend was in. It was run by Alzheimer's Australia and was raising funds for Dementia research. The t-shirts we made were for our team, they looked awesome.


When we got back we had a shower then a nap then I went for a bike ride, checked out the local library for the first time and handed in some resumes. It looks hopeful, one of the local Game stores liked me and should call back. It is such a cool place. They have all the old game systems, tons of sick posters and the people who work there are really chilled out. The manager was playing the original mario on the NES when I walked in and I shouted some encouragement. Good times.

I'm uploading some sweet photos to Flickr right now. I will make another post soon and stuff like that.
Damn, I just remembered that I reached the upload limit for the month with them. Looks like it will have to be Photobucket, there is no way I will pay for Pro. Maybe if I get the aforementioned job but then again maybe not.
I have some sketches that I want to show you guys and I may talk about my plans for the summer. I have some cool stuff that I want to do and hopefully if I write about it and people know then I will actually do them. I have been telling everyone I know about my plans so that I will feel like a dork if I don't get them done.

I have decided that I am going to try and treat my life like I would a design project. I have the terrible problem of being really good at procrastinating. I may actually have an Interwebs addiction. To make matters worse I have recently discovered IRC. Funny story actually; I found 420chan and was enjoying it greatly for about a week or two when I accidentally crossed an invisible line I hadn't realised was there. Long story short, I was banned for asking dumb questions. To appeal the ban I had to go to #420chan on IRC. Being a newb, I had no idea how to do that. I tried with Adium but it needed the beta and it was just too annoying to use. Shortly afterwards I installed Colloquy which is pretty good.
Anyway, the person who banned me turned out to be chill and the rest of the #420chan people were cool too. I was unbanned and since then I have been IRCing it up. Just the other day one of the people gave me the recipe for Jambalaya which was tasty as hell. I cooked it for my lady because she has been wanting to try it ever since we saw the scrubs episode where JD talks about it with Kelso.
Here it is below if you are interested:

Well this was meant to be a quick post just to hold place and remind me what to talk about later. I guess it got a bit longer than that. More fun in a couple of hours once I finish this Magazine Layout for Typography. If you are good little blog readers then I will show it to you when I am done. (Just kidding, I'll show it to you anyway because I love you)

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