Check out this Flickr set I made the other day. I have been taking photos of random faces I see in the wild over the last couple of years. Mostly on my phone but some of them don't look as bad.

Urban Faces

Here are a couple of them to entice you to go there. I would post all of them but there are far too many.

So so sad

Sad Face


Waterfall face monster dude thing


To me this looks like some kind of cute ghost thing. What about you?


What animal do you see?

Anyway, there are a few of them, go ahead and check out the Flickr photostream if you want. If not, then not.

4 Response to "Faces"

Al Says:

what an unusual blog :)

Totalitarian Says:

Haha we have the same clock as the one in the first picture. It's ooold.

3milelimit Says:

Interesting. I see stuff like this sometimes, but never bothered taking pictures, I'm always just like "hey that kinda looks like a face, doesn't it" lol

!Antibiootikum Says:

love the design but i can never find the follow button on these custom ones

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